Our Students

William Carey students are:

  • Well-known
  • Well cared for
  • Well-educated.

These three fundamental features of our school shape how we partner with students, families and the community to educate and grow the whole child.

William Carey students are well-known by their teachers as individuals. Each student has been created by God, with his or her own strengths and requirements that need to be identified, acknowledged and met. This allows students to be challenged and supported as they grow in understanding and character, grounded in a clear understanding of who they are in God’s world.

William Carey students are well cared for within an inclusive, supportive and safe school environment. Students have a strong sense of belonging, in a place where they can be nurtured, growing to be courageous and creative, while being challenged by the call of the gospel, and given the conviction to shape the world rather than be shaped by it.

William Carey students are well-educated by teachers who make learning meaningful, seeing God’s big picture and their place and purpose in it. Students learn how to learn, and are given opportunities to develop discernment and wisdom, maturing in their own unique character from the inside out.

As students learn, our desire and aim is to provide experiences that will allow them to develop and flourish throughout their lives. The culmination of this is to see our students with attributes that are pleasing to God and beneficial to them and the broader community.