Alumni in Love

There must have been something in the water at WCCS in 2010! The following are stories from ten past Carey students, from the class of 2010, who now make up five happily married couples.


Mr and Mrs Johnston
Dylan Johnston and Elena Mills started at WCCS in Kindergarten together but didn’t get to know each other until high school. They soon became interested in one another at the age of 16 after a mutual friend invited them both to the same youth group. Dylan and Elena became engaged shortly after high school and married on the 30th of March 2013. Dylan now works as a surveyor’s assistant and Elena manages a retail store. They are expecting their first baby in January 2018.

Mr and Mrs McGilvray
Luke McGilvray and Eleni Ayrton met in Year 4 and started to form a strong friendship – so strong, in fact, that they even went to the Year 10 Dinner Dance together… as friends. They eventually carried this tradition through to the Year 12 Formal, as they had begun dating in September of Year 11. In their words, “God brought us together, God joined us together as one and God wrote, and is still writing, our love story.” Eleni and Luke married on the 13th of September 2015. Luke has now started his own plumbing company called Project Plumbing Services Pty Ltd and Eleni works as an accountant in Five Dock.

Mr and Mrs Allchin
Daniel Allchin and Holly Sutcliffe first met in Year 11 when Holly started at WCCS. They were not the best of friends to begin with but they slowly warmed to one another when Daniel started carrying Holly’s books and bags to her classes. They started dating after the HSC in 2010. Since then, Daniel has been working at Wollongong City Council as a Building Surveyor and Holly has been working at WCCS as our Marketing and Design Officer. They married on October 11th 2015.

Mr and Mrs O’Connor
Daniel O’Connor and Rebekah Panella met on the school bus in Year 7. They remained friends by chatting on msn and on their daily bus trips. By the time they reached Year 9, they became best friends, however, Daniel left WCCS at the end of Year 10 to undertake tertiary education in IT. They kept in touch and took the leap to start dating at the beginning of Year 12 in 2010. Daniel now works in the IT industry and Rebekah has become a very passionate primary school teacher. They tied the knot earlier this year on February 4th 2017.

Mr and Mrs Spaccavento
Justin Spaccavento and Demi Bono met when Justin started at WCCS in Year 4. They didn’t become friends until Year 9, when they started attending the same youth group. They remained good friends throughout school, becoming closer in senior years, and started officially dating after high school. Justin now works for Sydney Trains and Demi teaches casually at WCCS, in English and Visual Arts. They were the most recent couple to wed on 15th September 2017.

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