Thank you! We have received your application. Your inquiry will be processed and enrolment information will be posted to the provided address today. Please expect 3-4 working days for arrival (holiday periods may delay this process).


Application process

Applications can be made at any time of the year and at any age.  Unlike some other schools, William Carey does not have an “enrolment window”.

The first step of the application process is to request an information package, which contains detailed information about fees, an explanation of uniform requirements and costs, as well as some background about the school and its biblical basis. If you are requesting entry for a student for Years Nine, Ten, Eleven or Twelve we can provide a current list of subject choices and detailed description of what each subject entails. The package contains an application form, parent/carer questionnaire and other forms, dependent on your request.

To request that a package be sent to you today please fill in our online form, alternatively, you can collect a package from the Enrolments Office at the school (located in C.S. Lewis House, to your left as you enter the school from the car park). You may prefer to contact the Enrolments Office by telephone, which also allows you to request a package and have general questions answered.  Call the school on (02) 9608 2277 and either Mrs Kathy Lee or Mrs Janis Hall will assist you.

If you decide to proceed with an application to go onto the waiting list, paperwork needs to be completed for each child in your family. There is a waiting list application fee of $220, which is a “once-off” family fee.  Please carefully consult the checklist provided in the information package and obtain all photocopies requested, including a full birth certificate.

Once you have completed the required forms, you will need to contact the Enrolments Office to arrange an interview time and date. At William Carey Christian School, we believe that it is important for you as parents/carers to come to the school, be informed in detail about the school and have the opportunity to be shown around. Choosing a school for your child is a big decision and we recognise that you will want to be well informed. If you would like to be taken on a tour around the school, please mention this to staff when booking your interview, so that extra time can be factored in to allow for this. You will receive a Parent and Student Handbook at this stage, which provides you with further detailed information.

Once the application fee is paid (usually at the first interview), that date becomes the date of application for your child/ren. This is important as it places your children in an order on the waiting list. Each grade’s waiting list varies in length, so it is not unusual for one child in a family to reach the top of the list and be considered for a position before other children in the family, particularly if that child is waiting for a grade that has a routine intake point, such as Kindergarten, Year Three, Year Seven or Year Eleven.

As waiting times can vary, we are more than happy for parents/carers to phone the Enrolments Office occasionally, just to keep in touch. Please ensure that you update your contact information whenever it changes so that the Enrolments Office will be able to reach you if a place becomes available for your child.

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