BYOD Charger Update

To this point the school has maintained a requirement that students bringing devices (tablets and laptop) to school take responsibility for charging their devices overnight. This process has generally run well.

Some students especially those with before and/or after school classes or students with older devices have found that an overnight charge has not been adequate to last the full day of lessons.

In response to this concern, the school is adjusting our practice in relation to charging student devices at school.

Students are still required to charge their devices overnight. However, in the case of extended use, they may seek staff permission to charge their device at school. To charge a device at school, a student must use a charger that has been ‘tested and tagged’ by a qualified technician.

It is a Work, Health and Safety requirement that electrical equipment, such as a computer charger that is carried by the user, be tested every 12 months. A student may only charge their device with a charger displaying a current tag.

This change in procedure only relates to High School students. Primary students may not charge their devices at school.

The school will be arranging for a qualified technician to carry out testing and tagging in Week 3 in Term 3 (13th to 17th August).

The cost of testing and tagging will be $5 per charger. Students will be able to make a booking for testing and tagging by making a payment through the Uniform Shop from the start of Term 3. Students who have booked a test will be informed in Week 2.