Creative & Performing Arts

Extracurricular Opportunities

Music Tuition

WCCS facilitates music tuition from experienced tutors, which takes place on school grounds, during schools hours. You can contact the tutors directly to discuss availability and cost.

 Music Tutors Contact Details 2020

VOCALS: Claire Abrakmanov 0416-095-775

PIANO:  Ron Arellano 0402-661-487

DRUMS: Michael Bell 0414-243-769

VIOLIN: Bronwyn Harrowsmith 0426-991-989

PIANO AND CELLO: Erinn Harrowsmith 0426-993-033

SAXOPHONE, FLUTE, CLARINET: Fynn McMullen 0466-210-452

GUITAR: Daniel Myer 0439-716-734


Chamber Choir

Students Years 9-12 | Wednesday Afternoon 3:30-4:15pm

Please contact Mr Cartwright if you are interested

Bands & Ensembles

WCCS School Band

Students Years 7-12 | 7:45am Thursday mornings | with Mr Cartwright

All students who play Brass, Woodwind or Percussion are welcome.

Please contact Mr Cartwright if you are interested

Rock Ensemble

For all students that are interested, please contact Daniel Myer who is one of our WCCS music tutors (guitar);

String Ensemble

Students Years 7-12 | Mondays at 10:30am | with Bronwyn Harrowsmith

If you are interested, please contact Bronwyn Harrowsmith (see tutor contact details above)     or the CAPA department for further details.

Drama Club

Drama Club is available for all Year 7 students desiring to develop and enjoy their creativity!  Drama Club runs every Friday lunchtime.  If you are interested please email Mrs Morris or come and visit her in the CAPA department.


Carey Dance Academy

CDA offers so much variety for all students (primary & high school) who are interested or have a love for dance. Jazz, ballet and open musical theatre classes are available for different age groups.  Classes are held after school on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays, depending on your choice and availability.  All enquiries please email Estelle