School Captains’
Graduation Speech

Do you remember that fresh bunch of 120, young Year 7 students, walking into school with pants that didn’t fit, front fringes, bags that were almost as big as them and nerves, gazing up into the faces of much bigger kids that seemed to have their lives sorted out? We were so eager to start the next 6 years of our schooling life, and to become adults who could sort out our own issues. There are too many memories of us studying our timetables, trying to remember it off by heart, and then testing each other to determine who was the superior student.

Then we started to roll through and experience the realities of being a high school student with those tough new assessments, ruling teachers, and stress that we definitely hadn’t experienced before in our primary lives. We all looked at the Year 12’s, wishing that it could be us, and then dreading the time it would take for us to get there. We moved through the moments of counting down our final Italian lessons, choosing new elective subjects, learning about Mark O’Connor’s Rainbow Lorikeets and listening to Mr White sing “You are so beautiful” at Year 11 camp.

By this time, some had fallen, and others had joined, but nevertheless, this group of students was becoming stronger and more unified. Through all that we have experienced during our high school years as a grade, we have grown, matured and changed, which included a few well thought out hair cuts. Yet we pray that as the graduating class of 2018, we leave a legacy of fresh love and willingness to try that was so present during our early years of high school.

We would love to thank everyone that has been a part of our journey up until today, which is a large group to mention in the small amount of time that we have.

To our teachers, who have been standing before us from the beginning. Our PC teachers have constantly welcomed us and have strived to create a comfortable and safe environment for us all through the Tutor Periods, morning roll call and planner signings that weren’t always signed or checked. We would also love to thank our incredible Year Advisors, Mrs Russell and Mr Holdsworth who picked up from where Mr Deuis and Mrs Stanley left off, and have lived to tell the tale of our year group.

You have been able to persist through the dramas in our grade, our quirky personalities, and some serious misadventures that unfortunately befell some of us. You have also managed to go above and beyond, to give us the best experiences and memories possible as a year group, from elaborate scavenger hunts and dress up requests, we have created memories that will remain with us forever. Thank you for being teachers we can turn to through times of stress and making the great times even better, you have truly influenced and shaped us for the better!

But to our class teachers, you have persevered through the many complaints about our ranks, asking for averages, begging for kahoots instead of real work, and asking you to repeat the question because we weren’t really listening. Thank you for always putting up with our teenage ways, and we love you even though you always interrupt the conversations we are having with our friends during your lesson.

However despite these kinds of feuds and annoying habits, we cannot express in great words how lucky and grateful we are for all the hours that you have dedicated merely for us. Most of all, we thank you for always encouraging us to strive for more, and being there when times are tough, whether they are part of our academic journey, or our personal life. We have learnt an incredible amount from each of you, even beyond what we may find in a textbook. From the bottom of our hearts, sorry, but also thank you for all the years of learning, fun, laughter and memories that we will hold for the rest of our lives.

To the people who have been with us our whole lives, who have tolerated our hormonal, stress-induced ways since day one of Year 7. Of course, we are talking about our parents. Parents are defined as “a caretaker of the offspring in their own species”, but google clearly hasn’t taken into account the HSC. During all stages of our schooling journey, our parents have been there.

Through the stages of extreme late night studying, wild youtube procrastination, through tears, and joy, you have been there. Sometimes we are rude, and sometimes we find you unbearable, but despite this, without your unconditional love and support, we would not have had the strength to do what we now comfortably say that we have completed. Thank you, we love you so much.

William Carey has been a place of protection and shelter, built around the foundations of Christianity. The different world we are about to experience will come as a shock, as we will be exposed to many new things and many new people, but we are still able to use what we have learnt during our time at school to make the most of our future.

We encourage you to lean on and rely on God throughout every aspect of your lives, not just when we require His help. We can’t just leave him behind now that we have finished high school.

Christianity is a long race, a marathon, and the only time we actually lose the race is when we think that we have already won. This is when we are most vulnerable to sin, when we think we can do it on our own, and we don’t need God to get us through.

The best part about all of this is that God truly desires to be a part of our lives, throughout the thick and thin he takes so much pleasure in His relationship with us. So we urge you to surround yourself with God’s word, have it written on your hearts, tell others. And for those who may not know Jesus as their Lord and saviour and who haven’t experienced His incredibly abounding and faithful love for you, we are praying for you. We pray that you would freshly encounter God’s love and mercy throughout your lives and create a connected and overwhelming relationship with Him. We pray that your eyes and hearts may be opened to His desire for the future and coming of your lives.

So Year 12, this is it. We leave you all with this, life is filled with possibilities. We are the next generation of the working world. Some of us may be rightfully scared with the emotions of having to say goodbye to our friends, teachers and our perfectly structured timetables. The future is daunting. It’s the unknown. But we need to realise that this isn’t the end.

Our challenge to the class of 2018? Make a difference. There are some problems big and small that need to be solved, and we can’t, and shouldn’t wait for someone else to solve them. It’s up to us, to shape and influence the society and culture around us. In the words of mother Teresa, “Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. So let us begin.