Safety in the Car Park

Our school operates in ways to provide a safe, healthy environment for our staff to teach and our students to learn. We use a risk management approach in all things, where we identify the hazards, assess the risk they pose and then put controls in place to minimise their likelihood. Monitoring how well those controls are working is part of the process, too. Some hazards in the car park are partly controlled with signs. Unfortunately, some of those signs are being ignored, placing people at greater risk.

You may have noticed speed humps have recently appeared. This is because the 10 km/h speed signs were being ignored. Alarmingly, stop signs are being ignored too, and I implore all drivers to stop and make sure it is safe to proceed.

Another problem happens occasionally when camps or excursions take place. Some families are driving up towards the bus bay to offload students for the sake of saving the one-minute walk. We are minimising the amount of cars that interact with the pedestrian flow at that area in the school. There is a clear sign at the southern end of the front car park where the road heads up towards the bus bay. Car parks beyond this sign are for staff only. There is a handful of parents/carers with special circumstances where an exemption has been granted. Please help us to reduce the likelihood of problems by following all signage in the car park.

Derek White,
WHS Manager