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Careers Department run Mock Interview Program

The careers department recently ran a successful Mock Interview program with some of our senior students.

The students were required to apply for a position, submit a cover letter and resume then be interviewed by a business professional, Ms. Nikki Heald – Managing Director of CorpTraining.

While the students were very nervous, they all appreciated the opportunity to be exposed to the gruelling nature of a job interview.

Comments from Ms. Heald:

“On Wednesday 3/11, I had the pleasure of conducting mock interviews for four, Year 12 students at WCCS and was exceptionally impressed with their level of preparation.  The four ladies presented beautifully and were able to articulate their interview responses in a poised and professional manner.  They took on the task with maturity, responsibility and should be commended for their efforts.  I’ve no doubt, they will each be very successful in whatever field they so choose in the future.  I wish them all the best and thank you for the opportunity.”

The students also made the following comments:

“Despite the nerves of participating in a mock interview, this program has provided insight into the real world. I found it very comforting to be able to experience something which is usually very stressful, in a situation with no pressure of being perfect, and is instead open to making mistakes, and learning from them. I will definitely be incorporating the skills and advice I have learned, in future interviews.”

“The Mock Interview Program is a fantastic experience for any student who wants to practice their interview skills before leaving school. If you get an opportunity to do it in senior school, I couldn’t recommend it highly enough!”

“I am so glad I signed up for this! I had never had a formal job interview before and was concerned about how I would go about that when the time came. The mock interview process was extremely helpful and I received some fantastic feedback that I am sure to carry on into my future professional life!”

“Although leading up to the mock interview is a bit nerve-wracking, what you get out of it is absolutely worth the nerves. The feedback you get from the external interviewer and being able to experience a one on one interview without the pressure of not getting the job is extremely beneficial.”

The Careers Department would like to thank South West Connect for the funding of this program.

God Bless,
The Careers Team