Cocktail Night 2017

Once again, the annual Creative Arts Cocktail Night that occurred Week 2 this term provided a wonderful opportunity for our HSC Creative Arts students to showcase their bodies of works and performances. This year featured Dance, Drama, Life Skills Drama, Music, Life Skills Visual Arts, Visual Arts and VET Entertainment Industry.

The back of the hall and foyer transformed into a display area featuring the Visual Arts bodies of work, Life Skills Visual Arts and the Drama Project. Highlights included a vibrant series of watercolour portraits depicting influential women by Adele K and a topical photomedia series critiquing the pursuit of physical perfection by Tarnyka C. Year 11 Hospitality students under the guidance of Kim Barry and Deanna Lainata capably catered the evening as the works were viewed, and provided an excellent food and beverage service.


Dance, Drama and Music performances then commenced on stage. Claudia M, Natalie S and Emelia P performed their mandatory core Dance performance work, demonstrating a range of body skills and technique. Jahni Clarke’s major Dance performance entitled ‘Abandonment’ impressed with her energy and technical flair. Lachlan J entertained the audience as he communicated what it means to share for his Life Skills Drama individual performance. The Drama Group Performance revealed hilarity as the students portrayed themselves as pretentious and unseemly housewives. A Music highlight was William T’s innovative performance of ‘Give Me Love’, which concluded the evening, featuring the use of a pedal loop to create multi-layered guitar and vocal effects. Year 11 Entertainment students were also on hand with backstage and front of house, and Crystal P and Ryan R mc’ed the formalities.


We thank all students, friends and family in the WCCS community who were part of this night. We wish the Year 12 Creative Arts cohort well as they submit their Visual Arts bodies of work and projects and present for their Dance, Drama and Music practical examinations.

Emma Fenton- Head Teacher Creative Arts

On Behalf of the Creative Arts Department