From the Deputy Principal

It’s been an extremely busy term and start to the year. I would like to offer a very special thank you to our parents for your overwhelming support at some very significant events this year. Staff were encouraged that so many parents availed themselves of the opportunity to meet with them at our Meet the Teacher Nights. These nights are a great chance to build relationships between the school and the families of the school.

These events play an important role in informing our students, and you as parents, of various aspects about the school. Please feel free to contact staff on the general school phone number or via email in order to seek advice, express concerns or say thank you for a job well done. Please develop the practice of making contact earlier rather than later and, as a result, not allowing problems to build into something of a more significant nature that may be harder to solve.

While we’re reviewing the concept of working together, I would like to seek parent support in assisting staff to meet the school’s uniform policy. As the first term ends, we are starting to feel a chill in the air on some days. This reminds us that wearing winter uniform begins first day back in Term 2.  This is the time to check if blazers are clean and still fit your children.

Here are some points to note about the winter uniform:

  • Boys and girls are to wear the blazer as part of the winter uniform. If it is a warm winter’s day a shirt and tie or blouse is all that is necessary. But when it is a cool day the blazer is to be the outer garment. The jumper can be worn for extra warmth, but must not be worn without the blazer.
  • Male high school students are to wear the school tie in an appropriate manner with the top button done up properly.
  • A white singlet or white shirt is allowed to be worn under shirts and blouses. Skivvies and coloured t-shirts are not allowed.
  • Tracksuit tops can only be worn with the sports uniform.

Please refer to the Carer handbook or student planner if further clarification is required.

Items not to be brought to school or on excursions.

Students are reminded to consider the health and safety of others as well as looking after our school resources. Items such as medication, illegal or prescribed, weapons of any nature, Liquid paper, metal rulers, permanent markers and laser pointers (which have the potential to cause damage and/or distract in the classroom) and chewing gum should not be brought to school or school activities.

No student is to use or bring aerosol deodorants or sprays to school

Using hair, body and deodorant sprays in confined spaces can trigger an asthma attack. For our asthmatic students, this makes it harder to breathe and can be life threatening.

To keep our students safe, aerosols are banned from school premises, excursions, sporting events and all events where students are in confined spaces. Confined spaces include classrooms, change rooms and buses.

Roll-on and stick deodorants are permitted at school.

Teachers have been asked to confiscate any aerosol products found at school and bring them to the Deans or Deputy Principal. Parents will be informed that the products have been collected from their child and that they can call into the school and collect the product.

Everyone needs to be aware of their own:

  • Right to a safe learning environment
  • Responsibility for the health and safety of others

Thank you for considering the health and safety of other members of our community.

Yours in Christ,

Anthony Hudson