Dr Estelle Lazer visits WCCS

Dr Estelle Lazer recently visited the Ancient History students of WCCS to deliver a 1 hour lecture on ‘Site management in Pompeii and Herculaneum over time.’

Dr Estelle Lazer is an experienced archaeologist who has worked on the site of Pompeii for seven seasons. She is known for her work on the site’s human skeletons and is currently working on CT scanning and X-raying the casts of the victims.

Estelle’s work is being studied by Year 12 Ancient History students and her textbook is one that contributes significantly to the students’ understanding of the Ancient History HSC course. She was also one of our tour guides on our recent study trip to Europe. The students were riveted by her lecture and thoroughly enjoyed meeting and taking a photo with her afterwards.

Many thanks to Dr Lazer for making time to enrich student learning at WCCS.