Drama Club

This amazing club was introduced here at Carey in 2013. It is an extracurricular group that is primarily produced by students for students. It is only open for Year 7 and 8 students, directed by Year 11 and 12 Drama students, and supervised by Mrs S. Morris. It’s fun, creative and educative!

Drama fosters an understanding of continuity and change. It provides opportunities for students to explore social, cultural, ethical and spiritual beliefs, including the diverse values of Australian culture. Since Drama is not a subject in Years 7 and 8, this is an amazing forum for these junior students to gain insight into the world of drama, share play ideas, make new friends and have a confidence boost.


What’s in it for my child?

The collaborative and diverse nature of the club would help students develop skills that will help guide them throughout their school years and beyond. Examples are:

Social development: Students will learn how to interact positively and encourage each member for the benefit of the group.

Interpersonal relationships: Students will develop social interaction skills as they learn to work together and help each other.

Conflict resolution skills: The club aims to help students resolve disagreements through compromise and consensus.

Creativity: The club engages and challenge all students to maximise their individual talents and capabilities for lifelong learning. Collaborative learning strategies are innovative and involve a variety of activities, encouraging students to learn and present material in interesting ways.

Critical thinking: The club challenges students to communicate in complex and powerful ways how they perceive the world. Group discussions help foster critical thinking skills in students.

Oral communication: Students share ideas, respond to questions and comments, and interact during club activities, which helps develop oral communication skills.

Diversity of understanding: Students gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for individual and cultural differences, as they work with other students who have different learning styles, abilities, ages, or cultural backgrounds. This will help them make friends easily within the school community.

Performance: The club undoubtedly encourages students to have a cooperative approach to exploring the world through enactment. Students would be prepared for effective and responsible participation in our society, taking account of moral, ethical and spiritual considerations.

Please encourage your child to join. And for more information, please contact Mrs Morris in the Creative Arts Department. Looking forward to having lots of fun with all the ‘Drama Club kiddos!”.