Tegan Hudson and William Aitken are cousins who have grown up around friendly competition. Both 2012 HSC students attended William Carey Christian School in the same year group and amazingly were placed in the same classes every year since fourth grade. Even when it came to the wide choice of senior subjects offered, they picked no less than five the same, ensuring the battle continued right through to the HSC. Tegan edged out William when it came time for seeing their HSC Results – Tegan achieving an ATAR of 96.95 and choosing to do Radiography at the University of Sydney and Will 93.85 which enabled him to enrol in an Engineering (Scholars) course at the University of Wollongong.


Both agree that the healthy rivalry spurred one another onwards. Tegan explains, “I remember putting a lollipop on the line for the one who topped a test as far back as fourth class and in junior high school we drew up a table in our Advanced Learners class to track our results against each other”.  William and Tegan were regulars in the library after school, engaging the tutors on-hand to check their working and hone their essay skills.

When asked to pass on some tips for the next crop of HSC students Will states, “exercise was essential in de-stressing and I visited the gym, jogged or went riding most days.  Striking the right balance between study and exercise is important”.  Tegan even drew up a motto for her HSC year, “When you work – work hard and work productively.  When you rest, rest completely and do it guilt free”.

The current group of William Carey students have used these cousins as inspiration as they begin to tackle their own HSC challenge in 2013. For Tegan and William the rivalry has ended, although they will be keeping a close watch on each other from different university campuses and comparing university experiences over this year’s Christmas dinner.