Forensic Camp

In the July school holidays, seven Year 8 students travelled to Armidale to participate in the Talented Students’ Forensic Science camp, run by the Armidale School.

Over an exciting four days, the students worked in small groups to solve a ‘crime’, learning several skills such as cryptography, microscopy and fingerprint analysis. After solving the crime, they then used the evidence they collected to prosecute the criminal in a committal presentation of the final day, which was open to parents and members of the public.

Read about the camp from some of our students below….

Jenny T

I enjoyed going to the forensic camp as there were many mysteries and it was quite fun to solve them, especially with my friends. We were able to finger print test, DNA test, fabric sample test, soil test and more. While we worked hard on solving our crimes we also played games each night in groups of people we didn’t know, to meet new people. I made new friends at the camp that I will always remember. Although it was cold in Armidale, they kept us warm by having heaters in the classrooms and giving us hot chocolate. We also had two controllers (which is basically people that help you) who we talked to everyday and they helped us solve our crime. We had to make a search warrant to look through a criminal’s house to see if we could find any evidence on them. You have to also make an arrest warrant to arrest the criminal that was guilty. On the last day we all did a presentation about our crime and a real judge came in. The judge decided whether we had a enough evidence to put the criminal in jail. My time at forensic science camp was very enjoyable and I had a lot of fun.

Caleb H

The forensic science camp was an amazing experience. Not only was the camp about the forensic crime, it was also about doing activities and getting to know other people. We got our own ‘offices’ to work on our crimes. Everyday we would come back into our offices and we would get some new evidence or a new event that had happened. We had to test the evidence with different kinds of tests like testing DNA samples, identifying if blood was real or fake, fingerprinting, fibre sampling. There were also secret codes that criminals either dropped or left and trying to decode them was so much fun. After the gradual build up of these events and evidence we had to put our case to the police to apply for a search warrant and an arrest warrant. We had to put our case forward to a real judge to see if we had sufficient evidence to get him charged. Overall, I learned so much and it was super fun and I would definitely recommend the camp to other Year 8 students. If it wasn’t a once in a lifetime opportunity, I would 100% do it again.

The camp will be running again in 2020 so stay tuned!