GATEway 8 Academic Gala Day

Earlier this term, the Year 9/10 GATEway 8 team competed against 21 other schools. Our students were coming first the entire day (after five tasks) but were beaten just at the end by Danebank. We came second overall and came first in the English and Science tasks and second in the Music tasks. The team were a bit disappointed but were happy with their results. WCCS has never had a team come second in the competition, so this was a great achievement!

On Friday, the Year 7/8 team competed against 22 other schools. They did not place, but they had a fun day and the students enjoyed the chance to complete against similar students for the first time.

On both days the students competed in a Maths, English, Science, HSIE, Music and Art task. All of the tasks centred around the theme of the Great Barrier Reef.