Every year the Drama class in Year 11 takes on a far from usual dramatic work to perform at William Carey Christian School. This year is no different.

The play chosen this time around is Neil Simon’s comedy romp “The Good Doctor”. It is really a series of short plays, based on the short stories and other works of Russian writer Anton Chekhov.  Drama teacher, Mrs Sylvia Morris, explains, “Each story exposes the frailties, susceptibility and yet tender nature of human beings​ but the Drama class have loved taking on this project because each story does not end typically or predictably. What we end up with is a rich comedy that will keep any audience entertained.”

With short titles such as “The Sneeze” (a government worker has a nervous breakdown after sneezing on an Army General at the Opera) through to “Surgery” (where a patient becomes frightened by the dentist’s zeal fro her profession after only complaining of a toothache).

Drama Student Rhea Stafidis plays the “writer” whose opinions and running commentary is given on each scene. She gives one final opinion:  “This play is really quirky and fast paced. The humour just adds to the tone of the play and is the perfect remedy to an otherwise dull Winter’s night”.

Tickets are on sale now at William Carey by calling 9608 2277 between 9:00 am and 3:30 pm or by visiting the School Uniform Shop – adults $10; high school students and pensioners $5. Primary school-aged and younger children are welcome free of charge. “The Good Doctor” will be performed on Tuesday, 21st June at 7:00 pm and Wednesday, 22nd at 3:30 pm in the WCCS Drama Studio.