HICES Debating Successes

This semester, a small group of students from Year 7 to 10 participated in the regional HICES (Heads of Independent Co-Educational Schools) Debating competition. Our two teams, one comprising of Year 7 students and the other, a combined Year 9 and 10 team, successfully participated in debates against other local independent schools in the South West Region. All of our debaters represented our school with enthusiasm, a willingness to work as a part of a team and exceptional dedication to the skill of debating.

Our Year 7 team won two of their four debates and represented our school with intelligent argument and worked with a generous team spirit. I can‘t wait to see what this amazing team has in store for our school when they are in Year 8!

Our combined Year 9 and Year 10 debaters won three of their four debates and may go onto the next Finals Rounds, pending results and tallied points from others neighbouring competitions. This is a marvellous achievement for these first time debaters with the adjudicators also commenting on their joyful attitude.

Our Year 7 and current Year 8 Debaters will be attending a Regional workshop and training at the Western Sydney University in June, they will benefit from the mentoring being offered by various adjudicators.

I am grateful to each of these students who gave up their lunchtimes to train, and afternoons to travel to various schools. I am looking forward to a new round of debates and training for the 2019 competitions.

Janine Philip
Debating Co-ordinator