From Mr Hudson

I hope this newsletter finds you and your family well during these challenging COVID times. We as a world have had the opportunity to see the human spirit at its best as we watched the Para Olympics over the last couple of weeks. As a school we have been working on plans to deliver quality programs to promote Respectful Relationships. The Paralympics games certainly epitomise the core values of Respect, Equity and Inclusion.

For young people, the benefits of sport and exercise go far beyond physical development. Sport enhances socialisation by bringing people together and by providing a bridge between different backgrounds and individual personalities. Sport also offers a unique way of developing morally – as the values learned through participation transcend into all areas of life. Furthermore, these values and attitudes learned through sport are the underpinning of a peaceful, productive, healthy and cohesive community, which contribute to a more just world.

‘Fair Play’ and ‘sportspersonship’, are all more complex than simply playing by the rules. They are concepts that speak of team spirit, equality, integrity, harmony, tolerance, care, excellence and joy. As such, fairness encompasses many values, behaviours and skills. A fair player shows awareness for themselves and others, thinks critically and acts responsibly. Fairness is closely linked with the values of respect, equity and inclusion.

– What is Respect? It is about having dignity for self and others. Respectful behaviours include respect for oneself, for one’s body, for others, for rules, for authorities and for the environment (IOC, 2012).
At Carey, our School community is a place where people are accepted and belong, where they are valued, honoured, cared for and respected regardless of gender, age or ability. We look to balance our own needs with the needs of others. (Phil 2:4)

– What is Equity? It is about the opportunity for all to achieve. It is the capacity to accept different people and things, to overcome prejudice, and move towards understanding and acceptance that all people are equal.

– Inclusion is about participation for all. Inclusion provides Opportunities for all students to achieve to their fullest potential (OECD, 2012).

Something that stood out to me is the story about the Australian Paralympian slowing mid race to cheer on someone else. Two athletics from different teams and competing in different races, but there’s always support and respect between the Paralympians.

William Carey has many events that promote the core values of Respect, Equity and Inclusion. The Learning Support Unit, sport carnivals and the Musical, provide students with the opportunity to be included and welcomes our diversity of gifts to be able to help and enrich our school culture.

We need to support one another during these challenging times. Pray for one another and for the frontline workers. May you and your family be able to rest during the holidays. I pray that you can find peace and assurance in God’s love during these uncertain times.

I reminded Year 12 students that in Psalm 119:105 it tells us “Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path. ” God’s word is a gleaming lamp to our feet that will guide and direct us in all our doubts and difficulties and comforts us in all our fears and distresses.

On a final note, we are watching the current COVID circumstances, information provided by NSW Health and using this information in our planning to allow students to return in Term 4. Stay tuned for more details.

Yours Sincerely,
Anthony Hudson
High School Deputy Principal