From Mr Hudson

Last term we had the Butterfly Foundation come out to school and speak with students about modelling healthy body image and how to actively challenge unhelpful standards. Body image is an issue for both boys and girls.

This September, William Carey Christian School will join hundreds of organisations around Australia to promote positive body image in support of Body Kind Schools.

Body Kind Schools is an annual campaign of the Butterfly Foundation and encourages young people and their communities to:

– Be Kind to their own body; in the language they use, how they nourish and move their body;   

– Be Kind to others. Online and Face to Face.; and

– Celebrate and respect the differences and diversity in their own body and others.

This initiative understands that it’s not always easy to like, love, feel comfortable or be accepting of our body and so instead, Body Kind Schools encourages young people to be kind to their body and to others; using positive language about all bodies and demonstrating respect by moving and nourishing their body in a way that helps it to feel good.

During September, we will run Body Kind activities in our tutor periods that have been provided by the Butterfly Foundation. Studies continue to report that the way young people feel about their bodies is affecting their health, mental health and wellbeing. Body Kind Schools is a strength-based initiative that supports our school community to raise awareness about body image. The home is also an important place to foster positive attitudes and behaviours around body, appearance, eating and exercise.

Body Kind Families is a FREE initiative designed to boost parents’/carers’ confidence in promoting positive body image and responding to body image concerns in their teenage children. It supports families to be kind to their own body and to others, and we are encouraging our families to get on-board and have these important conversations at home.

Free Live Webinars

Body Confident Children and Teens, 1 Sept 2021 at 7pm (AEST) – Register Now

Body Image in Boys, Live, 9 Sept 2021 at 7pm (AEST) – Register Now

Further information about Body Kind Schools and Body Kind families can be found at

I hope you find this resource useful.

Yours Sincerely,

Anthony Hudson
HIgh School Deputy Principal