From Mr Roby

Throughout the last few weeks I have been conducting Exit Interviews with the departing Year 12 students of 2019. It has been such a blessing to hear from them about the things that were significant parts of their schooling. Students have reflected on the things they valued and what got them to school each day. They’ve also reflected on the things that the school does really well and what we can improve on. Predominately the feedback from students has been incredibly positive, consistently commenting on the strength of the friendships and the positive relationships developed with staff, particularly in the senior years.

Students spoke of friends who supported them through difficult moments and were able to get through difficult classes knowing they had support. They spoke of parents who encouraged them to keep going and keep turning up to school when they had trouble getting out of bed. However, students kept coming back to the teachers who really invested into them and made their schooling experience so much richer. We are certainly blessed to have staff at our school who are not only passionate about educating young minds, but also want to support the whole student in their social, emotional, psychological and spiritual wellbeing.

But we as a staff team are also blessed by the remarkable students we have at our school. Our Year 11 students have recently been on work placement for their VET subjects and the work place co-ordinators consistently praise our students for their punctuality, character and initiative amongst other things.

William Carey has long been established as a school that cares for students with additional needs. Our Learning Support Unit work tremendously hard to support these students to the best of their ability. Cameron Stamboulie is a recent graduate of our Learning Support Unit. He has been a student at William Carey for 13 years and completed his secondary schooling in 2019, achieving the award of a Life Skills Higher School Certificate. Cameron recently started an apprenticeship with Skyline Landscaping Services. He interviewed with them in late Term 3 and was originally going to be completing work experience. However, Skyline were so impressed with Cameron’s interview, that they offered him an apprenticeship. He is now roughly three weeks into the job and is enjoying the work, learning the fundamentals of landscaping and maintaining.

Cameron is a wonderful example of what our graduates are and will become. We wish all our 2019 graduates success as they move into the next season of their lives. We are prayerful that they will leave us with results that open pathways for their future and that they will know that they go with our blessing.

In His Service,

Mr Roby
Dean of Students (Years 10 – 12)