From the Deans

Reflections on Term 1 at William Carey

What a blessing it has been to start at William Carey this year!

From the first moment I arrived at the school it was apparent that this was a special place. The staff have been especially friendly and keen to get to know me, the students have been friendly, wanting to learn about me and what I am passionate about, and the parents have been gracious and kind.

However, it has been a whirlwind. Getting to know a new school, new staff, new students, new families and learning “the Carey way” has felt like a juggler, juggling flaming torches. With all the learning and “newness” it has been a challenge. But what a wonderful challenge it has been.

I am consistently fascinated by how different people respond to challenge. Many of the people I meet have found it a real struggle. Wrestling with difficult family moments, responding to adversity in learning and a number of families grieving or experiencing a sense of loss.

In the book of Numbers in the Bible we encounter Joshua and Caleb, faced with a similar sense of being overwhelmed in the face of adversity. They were sent as part of a delegation of scouts to determine whether or not the Israelites would be able to conquer the land ahead of them. Whilst the rest of the scouts came back focusing on the significant challenges that lay before them, Joshua and Caleb could only see the victory that lay ahead if they trusted in God.

I think there is great educative power in this story. We can react to the challenges in our lives in a similar fashion. We can focus on the adversity and challenge and get bogged down in where we are right now and the number of obstacles that lay ahead in our path, or we can lift our gaze to focus on the prize that lies ahead and the God of our promise.

So let me encourage those of you who have struggled to start the year. There is hope and there is power in our great God who knows our innermost being. Let’s face our challenges this year with a mindset to overcome and stay focussed on our prize.

Scott Roby
Dean of Students Years 10 – 12