A message from the High School Deputies

There’s an old saying with roots that go back to Aristotle: “There is nothing quite so unfair in education as treating everyone the same.”

At first glance, this seems to be the exact opposite of the truth. Surely the fairest way to treat people is to make sure everyone gets precisely the same resources and experiences!

It usually doesn’t take long to realise, however, that equal treatment is only fair when everyone is starting from the same position, which they don’t in education. Or when their strengths and weaknesses are the same, which they’re obviously not. Or when they have the same opportunities, which also never seems to happen. Or if they share exactly the same interests and preferences, which… I’m sure you get the point.

We, at William Carey, make every effort to ensure that each student receives an excellent Christian education, although that will rarely mean one student’s experiences exactly match another’s. For example, we differentiate lessons to meet the learning needs of every student in the class, and we recognise that growth is a better indicator of success than grades alone.

We also seek to provide appropriate learning support and exam provisions for the students who need them. We understand that these help to provide a fair opportunity for every student to learn, and to demonstrate what they have learned.

And while I’m on that topic, we need parent volunteers to assist with exam provisions for Year 12 students, when they sit for the HSC later this year. Please contact the school on 9608 2277 if you think you can help.

The HSC exam timetable can be accessed via this link.


Mike Nightingale
Director of Teaching and Learning
On behalf of the High School Deputies