From the High School Deputies

This term is packed with many events including assessments and examinations. Following on from the article published in the last Newsletter of Term 1, preparing for examinations can be stressful for the entire family. It’s normal for parents to be anxious about the level of studies and revision that their son or daughter is completing. Parents can, however, play a key role in helping their children cope with exam stress. Some tips are outlined below on how parents can best support their child’s exam preparation.

Help to establish effective study and learning habits
Help your child to plan their study schedule early and to make a clear, realistic plan of what they want to achieve in each study session. Make sure your child has an environment conducive to effective study and remind your child to take short breaks and to move around in between chunks of study time.

Balanced routine
Help your child to establish a healthy balance in their weekly routine, which includes; dedicated study breaks, sleep, rest and relaxation. Exercise and sport are highly beneficial activities for your child to be consistently involved in, whilst you can aid in providing a balanced diet of fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as adequate hydration. Good nutrition is a key factor for successful growth in all teenagers, especially those involved in studying for exams.

Create a supportive atmosphere
The projection of attitude is critical during exam periods; productive attitudes from the students and positive attitudes from the parents. Remain calm and try not to transfer additional anxiety on to your child in the lead up to the exams.

At the end of Term 1, Mr Nightingale sent letters home accompanied with the ICT Student Acceptable Usage Agreement. We asked parents and students to read and sign the agreement as part of the new eSmart framework. Thank you for those know have returned the signed agreements. If you have yet to return the agreement, can you send it with your child to the student office, it is important that we partner together in setting appropriate use  of ICT.

For the first time in our school, our students sat the NAPLAN online.  Students used the school network computers for these tests.  We thank all the teachers for their tireless efforts to prepare students for all assessments during the exam period.

Upcoming school events include:

Week 4
Half yearly exams – Years 7 and 9
NAPLAN makeup tests – Years 7 and 9
Australian History and Geography Competitions

Week 5
High School Athletics Carnival
High School Photographs and Family sibling
CSSA Cross Country
Science Competition

Week 6
NESA Minimum standard Test Week – Year 10

Week 7
Queen’s Birthday Holiday
A Little Night of Music

Week 8
Silver Duke of Edinburgh hike – Year 10
CIS Cross Country
Parent Teacher Interviews – Year 11 and 12 

Week 9
Careers Expo – Year 12
MISA Dance Showcase
CSSA State Soccer Gala Day Boys/Girls

Week 10
Last Week of Term 2


In His service,

Anthony Hudson
Deputy Principal Administration
(On behalf of the High School Deputies)