From Your High School Deputies

Prayerful support for specific Year 11 students.

Two students in Year 11 are quite unwell at the moment. Please join together as a school community and prayerfully and practically support these two young men. One student who has a very complex illness that includes rheumatism, arthritis, and other disorders of the joints, muscles, ligaments and bones confining him to a wheel chair. The other student has been diagnosed with cancer. Both students are frequently absent from school and need to regularly attend hospital either as a patient or outpatient for monitoring and / or regular tests. Year 11 are grieving for their unwell friends and expressing their heartfelt compassion by becoming involved in visitation programs and writing letters of support to encourage their mates and help them to remain connected. They have also organised a variety of fund raising and support activities as an action of comradery and support. The first of these activities involves five of our male Year 11 students supporting their friend, who is undergoing chemotherapy, by publically shaving their heads as an act of solidarity and support for their unwell friend.

Staff changes in the welfare team

As the end of year approaches it can be a time for some teachers to look to “greener pastures” outside of William Carey for employment opportunities for the following year. As the Deputy in charge of Wellbeing, this is a time I dread as the fear of losing some of our most gifted and committed Pastoral Care team can sometimes become a reality. Reasons for leaving us can range from, taking up a new professional opportunity or challenge, recognising the convenience of working much closer to home, sometimes promotion opportunities are offered or it may simply be a change in family situation. Mr Jean Maurice Younes will be leaving us in 2017 to take up a promotion position at another school and Mr Matt Bingham has accepted a position at a new school much closer to his home so he can better support his family, including his beautiful new daughter, born earlier this year. Both of these men have served the school with a selfless devotion, getting alongside the young men in their care, offering support in their academic, social and spiritual development. Their ministry in this area has been exemplary and they will be sadly missed. There is no surprise when I remind you, however, that God is good and continues to provide for the students in our school. I would like to announce that Mr David Hall will be replacing Mr Bingham as the Year Adviser of Year 9 in 2017, and Mr Dan Ellerman (re-joining the team) will be replacing Mr Younes as the year adviser of Year 10 for next year. I can also announce the Year Advisers for Year 7 for next year. Mrs Sally Rawson and Mr Neil Robinson will be heading up the team in this position.  Both of these staff are experienced and very gifted Year Advisers and if your child is joining the high school next year in Year 7 they will be truly blessed by being under the care and ministry of these two members of staff. I am very excited with the appointments of all these staff and absolutely confident that as we attempt great things for God in the pastoral work at William Carey, that God will bless both the shepherds and the sheep in this place.



Please pray for our Year 12 students as they continue with the HSC examinations.  The exams have progressed very well so far with little to no issues and/or concerns. Illness and misadventure applications have been minimal and our students with disability provisions have been able to be well catered for due to the generosity of our parent and community volunteers. Even the Primary School’s Mega Day did not disrupt the examination process. The high school would like to express a huge thank you to the Primary staff for their diligence and commitment in ensuring our HSC cohort were appropriately supported on this day when the school was inundated with hundreds of enthusiastic parents and grandparents visiting our school during the day. It was a great day for the school and caused no disruption to the organisation of the HSC.


Years 7 & 10 start their examinations in Week 3 and Years 8 & 9 will sit their yearly examinations during Week 4.


In His service,

Brad Milburn.

Deputy Principal Welfare.

(On behalf of the High School Deputies)