From the High School Deputies

Are You Informed?
The Parent Portal for both Primary and High school parents.

Communication is paramount in education. Whether it is a teacher to student, student to student, teacher to teacher, teacher to parent, teacher to administrators or administrators to parent, communication is needed to make sure our students are successful. Communication is something that doesn’t always happen well.

We have just completed our first round of successful Meet the Teacher Evenings where there was the opportunity to exchange information face to face. William Carey provides various other means of communication that are vital to keeping you up to date on things that happen throughout the year. These include:

• Newsletter – up to date activities and important information
• Student planners – parents need to sign these each week and look for teacher comments
• Email – directly connect with teachers
• WCCS website and the parent portal.

All of these options are important ways to continue the line of communication that allows you to monitor and discuss any issues throughout the year.

Parent Portal

All parents should have access to the parent portal. The parent portal is an integrated part of our school management system, Edumate, which allows you as a parent or carer, to access up to date school calendar activities, past academic reports, live information about your children, information about your children’s attendance, High School student timetables and assessment tasks details.

You can access the Parent Portal here.

Please do not provide your children with your account details. Ensure you have provided your current mobile phone numbers and email addresses for both carers who live with the child. These details can be changed through the parent portal.

Visit if you want to learn how to:
• Change your password
• Visit the carer portal
• View High School Assessment tasks
• View absence and enter a carer’s note.

In His service,
Anthony Hudson.
Deputy Principal Administration.