A Message from Mr Hudson

Welcome back to Term 3. As we look at the calendar items listed below, we can quickly see that it will be a full and demanding term for students and parents alike. I would like to remind you that all the school activities, dates and times can be found on MyEdumate and the new MyEdumate app.

I would like to highlight some important activities that showcase student talents, whilst also providing students with opportunities to make decisions for future careers.

Year 7 to 10 Parent Teacher Nights
Parents are reminded of the two Years 7 to 10 Parent Teacher nights that will be conducted in Weeks 3 and 4. These evenings allow parents to partner with teachers in reviewing their child’s progress. I encourage you to book your interviews early and secure your appointments to avoid disappointment. Parents can choose either night to attend.

Year 10 Year Adviser Changes
Mrs Benisch is on maternity leave for the remainder of the year and as a result, we welcome Mrs Kind as the Assistant Year Adviser for Year 10.  Mr Knight will remain as the Year Adviser. This has given us the opportunity to trial the new structure where the Assistant Year Adviser will work with the Year Adviser, gaining valuable training. Mr Knight will be given greater time to support students moving forward and if parents require any support, they are to contact Mr Knight.

Subject Selection Evenings for Year 9 (2020) and Year 11 (2020)
Year 8 students have the opportunity to make individual subject choices by selecting their electives for 2020. This evening will allow parents and students to meet teachers and see displays. The subject selection evening will be held on Monday 19th August from 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm. Please be aware this evening runs concurrently with one of the Parent Teacher evenings.

Year 10 students have just completed their work experience and are planning a pattern of study that will support their individual aspirations and abilities. The Year 11 (2020) Subject Selection evening occurs on Monday 6th August. As part of the selection process, parents will meet later in the term with senior executive members of the school, to guide and support this decision making process.

To watch a short video of the Year 11 Subject Selection process click here or search on YouTube ‘WCCS Subject Selection’.

Showcasing Students Talents
Term 3 is an exciting time for students to display their talents in a variety of areas. Many students have been rehearsing all year to present and be a part of our production of Disney’s High School Musical.  This event showcases students using their varied gifts, as they work as a team, either dancing, acting, as backstage crew, lighting or front of house.

Year 12 CAPA HSC Showcase is a time for students to display and perform their HSC major works.  Anybody is welcome to attend and celebrate their work. And the end of the term, the Year 12 Graduation and Formal will be a time of celebration as they complete 13 years of schooling.

High School Learning Support Awards Assembly will provide an opportunity to celebrate the achievements students have made across the year in their education journey.

Some of the upcoming events in Term 3:

Week 2
Monday: Year 11 (2019) Subject Selection Night
Year 7 and 8 MISA Debate
Year 12 CAPA HSC Showcase Night
Year 11 Driven Education Program

Week 3
Year 12 Trial Exams start       
Wednesday: Parent Teacher Night – Years 7 to 10
South Met Zone U15 Girls and Boys Basketball Gala day
Charger Tagging day

Week 4
Monday: Parent Teacher Night – Years 7 to 10
Monday: Year 9 (2020) Subject Selection Night
Musical – Tech/Dress Rehearsal
CSSA State Athletics Carnival
Year 7 and 8 MISA Debate

Week 5
CSSA Oztag Gala Day
Year 11 (2020) Senior Exec. Interviews
HSC Musical opening week
South Metro. Zone Open Boys and Girls Basketball Gala Day

Week 6
CSSA State Basketball Gala DayYear 11 (2020) Senior Exec Interviews

Week 7
Year 9 Bronze Duke of Ed Test Walk
Year 8 Medieval Day Incursion
HSLS Awards Assembly
Year 8 Medieval Day

Weeks 8 and 9
Year 11 Yearly Examinations
CIS Athletic Carnival
Year 12 Graduation and Formal

In His service,

Anthony Hudson
High School Deputy Principal