From the High School Deputy

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Term 4. A kind reminder also that students can now wear their summer uniform, that is; uniform that does not require a tie or blazer.

This is an examination and reporting term, which will present its own challenges and demands on families. Years 7 and 10 start their formal exams in Week 2, followed by Years 8 and 9 examinations in Week 3. Students should be devoting some time each night to prepare for these examinations.  Last week on the Edumate newsfeed, I added an infographic from on the ‘5 Steps to Study Success.’ This can be used to discuss study habits with your child.

Our Year 12 students began their formal HSC examinations this week as well. This can be a very stressful time for the whole family. Below are a few parental tips and messages to support your Year 12 child:
* Close the expectation gap by mutually agreeing on what is realistic and achievable.
* Throw out the ATAR expectation and replace this with the ‘personal best’ expectation.
* The fruit is in the pursuit and the person they become in striving for success, regardless of the result.
* Perspective – there are pathways galore post-Year 12.
* Comparison hurts, so avoid making them.
* Healthy eating, adequate rest and exercise are essential for keeping a healthy mind and optimal performance.
* Encourage regular study breaks to avoid burnout.
* Keep the fun and connectedness alive with regular family activities.
* Help out in the background by cooking favourite meals or keeping the noise down at home.
* Deliver daily doses of encouragement, reminding them that you will love and support them, no matter what. (Extract from Daniel Merza, student wellbeing specialist.)

Please pray for all students during the next few weeks, whilst they are studying and sitting their examinations.

I would encourage everyone to check out the calendar on Edumate for details of planned events or download the WCCS app (for your phone) to keep up to date with all school related matters.

Some other important events for Term 4 can be found on the Edumate calendar.

Week 2
Year 7 and 8 pornography presentation – The Frank Chat
Year 11 PDHPE Camp
Year 10 – All my own work (AMOW)

Week 3
Year 11 – Maximising Opportunities Night
Year 10 Silver Duke of Ed Practise Expedition

Week 4
Advanced Learning @ WCCS Information Evening

Week 5
Creative and Performing Arts Open Night
Year 6 to 7 Transition Day and Orientation Evening

Week 6
Year 8 – Surf Safety Presentation
Year 10 – Dinner Dance

Week 7
Year 10 – Silver Duke of Ed Test Expedition

Week 8
High School Presentation Day (Thursday 1:00 pm)

In His service,

Anthony Hudson
High School Deputy