From the Dean – Mr Smith

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and congratulate High School students for their perseverance through the first few weeks of Term 2. For many students, the start of Term 2 has been a busy period involving a myriad of assessment tasks; including half-yearly exams and NAPLAN. Students are commended for the way they managed and conducted themselves, throughout a busy and possibly stressful period.

It is important that we, as a community, acknowledge and reward students when they display behaviours we wish to encourage and develop. Particularly since behaviours, when repeated, often form habits. And habits, form an integral and essential part of our character. The goal of the award system is to function as one component, in a system of processes, by which our school shapes and supports our students, aligning them to our Carey Student Attributes:

*Build understanding and think creatively
*Collaborate and communicate
*Show respect and compassion
*Serve and lead for the benefit of others
*Make wise and courageous choices

Teachers are encouraged to give awards in acknowledgement of student excellence and/or improvement, in various areas of school life, corresponding to the Student Attributes. Excellence awards acknowledge students who have performed well in a particular area, relative to the cohort or a standard. Improvement awards acknowledge individual student progress and development. Both types of rewards are important, but greater emphasis is placed on the latter. Improvement awards recognise the uniqueness of students and encourage individual development, enhancing strengths and diminishing weaknesses over time.

The most fundamental award in the system is a Teacher’s Award. This award is typically given to students for excellent academic work, improvement in work, participation in an extracurricular or cocurricular activity (e.g. IPPSO/MISA sporting team, music ensemble, Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, student committees), act of school service, act of kindness, etc. The continued accumulation of five Teacher’s Awards leads to the awarding of Bronze, Silver then Gold Awards. I have included a diagram to summarise the structure of the award system below.

Please partner with us in encouraging students to value and pursue these attributes, by congratulating them for their achievements at home. If you are wondering how you might know whether your child has a received an award, please check Parent Portal in Edumate or look for a certificate in your child’s bag – hopefully it will not be hidden or forgotten at the bottom of the bag. This is one mechanism by which we can work together to shape students’ characters, in ways which should enable them to flourish in future workplaces and relationships.

In His service,

Chris Smith
Dean of Students – Years 7 to 9