High School Advanced Learning Open Night 2019

On Thursday 7th November, William Carey held its annual High School Advanced Learning Open Night.

The night provided numerous demonstrations of the broad skills and interests of our High School students. On the night, seven students presented the results of the Advanced Learning Projects (ALPs) that they have worked on this year to members of the school community. The following images are screenshots of the presentations or artwork made by the students. The projects covered a range of topics and skills, such as:

Designing 1960s fashion
Writing a novel
The psychology behind fear
Creating a work of art
Food and its impacts on people

For the first time, selected participants from our new withdrawal class, the CS Lewis Advanced Learning Program presented their own research projects. These projects were slightly different to the ALPs as the students had to formulate their own research question and working thesis before collecting primary and secondary data and analysing it (mirroring a university style honours project). Their presentations covered the following topics:

Who was Jack the Ripper?
The purpose of the Communist Manifesto
Fetal Development
Effective techniques for memory retention
The factors which affect the effectiveness of hypnosis
When and how will the earth die out?

Information was also presented about the many current extra and co-curricular opportunities that were available to all High School students throughout the year such as the TAS Forensic Science camp, Philosophy Club, Gateway 8, Tournament of the Minds and the Australian Brain Bee challenge.

Parents and students were also provided with a glimpse of some of the new and exciting opportunities for 2020 and details about the CS Lewis Advanced Learning Program, a withdrawal class for gifted students that ran very successfully in 2019.

Well done to all students who presented on the night. You all did a terrific job!

For a more detailed glimpse at some of the projects, visit the Advanced Learning site located at https://sites.google.com/wccs.nsw.edu.au/hsal