High School Deputies

HSC Exams – Volunteers Needed

During the past week, NESA released the 2017 HSC timetable. The release of this timetable marks the official countdown for students to the actual date and time of each examination that they will be attempting. Please remember these young men and women in your prayers and ask that our Lord may draw them close to Himself. Also pray that they may have the ability to trust in God and lean on Him in what can be a very difficult time. The overwhelming message to our students is that while the HSC and their ATAR are important to many, a student is not defined by their ATAR or their academic ability. Their sense of purpose, identity and value is not found in a HSC result but rather in a relationship with Christ.

William Carey is typical of many schools and each year there are a number of students who will be attempting the HSC examinations through accessing the disability provisions. The school works very hard to ensure that all students who are entitled to support are identified and that appropriate provisions are supplied. To provide this service, we ask for parent volunteers.

The school has found that students respond more favourably to having an adult support them in this way rather than a student from a younger cohort. There appears to be a level of parental trust that comes from using an adult volunteer rather than the embarrassment that is often noted of having a younger student assisting. If you can help support our HSC students in this way, please contact me on the school number or send me an email. This is a very important service opportunity for the parents and carers in our school community. Please step up to the challenge and offer your support as the NESA rules state that paid staff are prevented from assisting with this task, so your voluntary support is vital. For more details see the attached flyer.

Uniform Policy

Thank you to all of those parents who made the special effort to ensure that winter uniforms were ready and being worn appropriately for the start of this term. All families are reminded that the uniform policy is clearly detailed in both the “Student Planners” and the “Parent Carer Handbook” if you have any concerns. Please note that High School Photo Day is the 1st June and full uniform including blazers, will be required for that day.

In His service, Anthony Hudson.
Deputy Principal Administration. (On behalf of the High School Deputies)