From the High School Deputies

One of the distinctives about William Carey is the Christian basis of how we view leadership. Worldly leaders tend to look up the ladder to the next position to climb, regardless of who or how they climb over to get there. They value the title, or the robe of office, and it can be hard to discern their care for those they lead. A Christian view is based on Jesus as the ultimate leader. He is our Servant King and his servant qualities are what sets him apart. He is interested in our needs and has sacrificially met them. Our greatest need was met as he died on the cross in our place, dealing with the consequences for our sin, to bring us back into relationship with our heavenly Father.

Leading through serving is the basis for our student leaders at William Carey. We are thankful for the efforts of our current Student Leadership Council (SLC), whose tenure finishes at the end of this term, as Year 12 heads off towards their HSC exams. Having undertaken a process of application, interviews and voting, I am pleased to announce the new SLC who are ready to take up the role from the start of Term 4. They are Lauren Ross, Nathan Fielding, Hannah Perez, Lauren Mushahwar, Valentina Muloski, Jordan Macdessi, Jake Elgalada, Ameet Lal, Jenna Hanley, Caitlin Randall, Matty Gloss and James Younes, along with School Captains: Kaysia Younes and Dylan Hou. They will work with staff to help meet the needs of Years 6-12 in 2019.

Another way that seniors have led through service this week was the Year 11 Transition event. Year 10 students have selected subjects for next year and the Senior Executive have met with families to discuss their choices. This week, Year 10 students nominated three choices from 8 Key Learning Areas they wanted to hear about from a student perspective. 16 Year 11 students and 2 Year 12 students spoke with them about their experiences as a senior student in their particular subjects. This was timely assistance to help them prepare for the inevitable changes that come with senior schooling and the HSC.

It is encouraging to watch the many ways our students help each other. Please keep them in your prayers as they sacrifice their time and energy to help those in need.

In His service,

Derek White
Deputy Principal Senior Studies
(On behalf of the High School Deputies)


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