From the High School Deputies

Part of helping students cope with school life is being aware of requirements. This involves engaging with various forms of communication through which the school makes information available. Having spoken to parents and carers at recent Meet the Teacher nights and the Year 10 Stepping into Senior School information session, it was good to see an exchange of helpful information between teachers and parents/carers. Essential information for parent/carers and students is in the Assessment Books for Years 7-12 and can be found on the Carer Portal (Carer Portal/Wiki/parent documents). Another important means of communication is the student planner. Although one prime function is as an organisational tool for recording homework and keeping aware of due dates, it is also a source of educational information for students. The requirement for parents/carers to sign the student planner each week is designed to facilitate two-way communication between school and home, if necessary, by writing brief messages, but more importantly planners should be used to generate discussion at home on a regular basis about managing work requirements in the context of family life.

Year 11 Camp
In Week 4, Year 11 spent three days off site at their study skills camp. The facilities at the Crusader campsite at Galston provided a great backdrop for the camp. It was time for developing good relationships as well learning some important information and skills. The principles of group dynamics were presented and practised as how our seniors adopt roles when they interact in the classroom is vital for effective learning. These were employed in high ropes and other challenges to reinforce the concepts learned.

On the Wednesday evening there were some memorable camp moments as students worked in teams through a series of challenges provided by the Year Advisers where teamwork was paramount. The physiology of how people learn was presented as an introduction for considering how to overcome the obstacles to learning that students may experience. Being able to see the big picture was considered as students were entreated to be lifelong learners. On Thursday night, the Game of Life helped students see a bigger picture of how the pressures of life after school will impact them and it was a good chance to reflect on the themes presented in Christian Discovery sessions. Miss Morphett and the SLC representatives, Daniella and Jonathan, came with information sought by surveying Year 12 in order to share experiences about how to manage the pitfalls of senior school. Students were also challenged to take advantage of opportunities and Christian students were challenged to live their faith uncompromisingly for the benefit of those around them. A time of personal reflection and goal setting has hopefully set the students up for a time of growth in the coming months as they put into practise the things they experienced.

The Study Centre
Year 12 are only three weeks away from half yearly exams, as they will have completed two terms of HSC study. They should be completing summaries, seeking help from teachers and practising past papers to help prepare for the exams. The Study Centre in the library after school for Years 10-12 is being well utilised by some, and our ex-student tutors report that students are seeking more help this term. These tutors’ areas of expertise are advertised in the library so students can choose which days may suit their particular needs. They are doing some great work troubleshooting areas of concern and giving advice with assessments, skills such as essay writing and summarising, and general class work. I commend this opportunity to students who find it a struggle at home, sometimes, in trying to get through their work. The Study Centre is open after school until 5:00 pm on Mondays to Thursdays.

In His service,

Derek White.
Deputy Principal Senior Studies.
(On behalf of the High School Deputies)