From the High School Deputies

We are now well into our final term for the year and students are continuing to learn new concepts that carry over for next year. Families are encouraged to holiday or travel during school vacation time and not finish the term early.  There is still much happening that parents need to be aware of and involved in.

The 19th of November is the day we welcome our new Year 7 students for 2019. WCCS has a full day of transition events, including students participating in sample lessons in High School and a variety of informative presentations and several opportunities for staff and students to build relationships. At the end of the day, parents and students learn about having children in high school.

On the 6th of December we will look back at the year that was and acknowledge the involvement, personal growth and achievements of all of our High School students in our Awards Assembly. All parents and carers are welcome to attend the assembly, which will start at 1:00 pm.

Year 12 students will finish their HSC on Friday 9th November 2018. This is a time of great relief for many students and families alike. It may also be a time of significant anxiety and uncertainty as our students move from the security and predictable nature of school life. Please continue to pray for these students during this time.

Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 have now concluded their final examinations for the year. Reports for these students will be posted home in the last week of term (Week 8). Our 2018 Year 11 cohort of students, are now known as Year 12 as they begin their HSC studies. We congratulate these students having successfully completed these studies.

I encourage you to pray for all our students as they finish the term and prepare for new challenges and the transition into 2019.

In His service,

Anthony Hudson
Deputy Principal Administration