From the High School Deputies

Welcome back to Term 2. I hope you have enjoyed the holiday time with your children and have been reinvigorated in preparation for what presents as an action packed Term 2.

Winter Uniform

Parents are reminded that the beginning of this week signals the changeover to winter uniform. Now would be a good time to label all items of clothing worn at school so that blazers, tracksuits, jumpers etc., that are left around the classrooms, or in the playground, can be returned to your child. Blazers are to be the outer garment for the winter uniform and if you have not yet ordered your child’s, the Uniform Shop has some secondhand blazers available for purchase.

Exams, NAPLAN and the Senior Study Centre

Year 12 students have just completed their half yearly examinations and soon in Weeks 3, 4 and 5 Years 7 to 11 will be completing their half yearly testing. I remind you that the Senior Study Centre is available each afternoon from 3:10 pm to 5:00 pm, Monday to Thursday, for students in Year 10 to 12 and invite you to encourage your child to use this facility if appropriate. Years 7 and 9 conduct their NAPLAN testing during Week 3 as a separate event.

Edumate School Calendar

The carer portal provides parents, carers and students access to the school calendar. The school calendar is helpful in viewing upcoming events that are taking place at school. This is particularly useful when planning for commitments and appointments for your family for the upcoming school term, or even just to find out the term dates.  For help and instructions on how to access and use the school calendar, visit the instructional blog or log into the carer portal, then select diary> school calendar.

Some of the upcoming events for Term 2 include:

Week 2:
Year 9 camp (three days)
Engineering and Science Challenge – Year 10
CIS Swimming Championships
MISA Debating – Year 8

Week 3:
Parent Wellbeing Seminar– Suicide Awareness
Half yearly exams – Years 10 and 11
NAPLAN tests – Years 7 and 9
Review Meetings – Years 7 – 10
NSW All Schools Swimming Carnival
Bronze Duke of Ed camp out – Year 9

Week 4:
Half yearly exams – Years 8, 10 and 11
HICES Debating – Stage 4 – 6 teams
Review Meetings – Years 11 and 12

Week 5:
Half yearly exams – Years 7 and 9
Australian History Competition
Vaccinations – Year 11 & 12
Brickfest (Saturday)

Week 6:
High School Athletics Carnival
HS Photographs and L-Z family photos
CSSA Cross Country

Week 7:
Bronze Duke of Ed hike – Year 9
Review Meetings – Years 7 – 10
MISA Debating – Year 8

Week 8:
Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday
Review Meetings – Years 11 and 12

Week 9:
Silver Duke of Ed hike – Year 10
Parent/Teacher Night – Years 11 and 12
HICES Debating – Stage 4 – 6 teams

Week 10:
Last week of Term 2

This term also contains numerous class excursions and sporting events.

In His service,
Anthony Hudson.
Deputy Principal Administration

(On behalf of the High School Deputies)