From the High School Deputy

We hope that the holidays were a great time of refreshment and you are feeling ready for the year ahead. I am looking forward to another incredible and productive school year. Our devoted staff spent the second last week of January planning and preparing for your children. I am looking forward to serving and working with families and the students, by providing a learning environment that fosters respect, serving others, thinking creatively and building their knowledge and skills.

New Staff
Each year brings positive change. This includes a few additions to our staff. As stated earlier, Mr Chris Smith is the new Dean of Students 7-9 and Mr Scott Roby will be the new Dean of Students Years 10-12. As the Deans of Students, these staff will manage, monitor and respond to matters of student welfare (including discipline), lead and support the team of Year Advisers, and manage student academic and welfare programs. The new structure allows teachers to send students directly to the Deans, located in the High School Student Office.

We are delighted to welcome Mr Craig, our new Metals teacher to the TAS department, Mrs Gideon to the Science department and Mrs Low who has most recently joined the English department.

This year in the Sport department, there have been a few changes with the role of sports coordinator shared between Mrs Worsley and Mrs James. Below is a breakdown of the areas Mrs Worsley and Mrs James are responsible for organising.

Mrs Worsley (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday)
Tuesday afternoon sport
MISA sport
CSSA and South Met Gala Days
IPSSO referee rostering

Mrs James (Wednesday and Friday)
Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country carnivals – School, CSSA and South Met
CIS trials
IPSSO referee management (Wednesday)

Meet the Teacher Nights
These nights will occur in Week 2 or 3 of this term, depending on your child’s year group. Please plan to attend this night and meet with your child’s subject teachers face to face. Planning for a successful year for your son or daughter can begin at this point. Year 7 parents (only) can also meet their child’s Pastoral Care teacher in a small group session on the night.

All school events are published on the Edumate Carer portal. Please log on for more details on each event. Some of the upcoming events for Semester 1 are outlined below:

Term 1
Week 2
Meet the Teacher Night – Years 7, 10, 12
Stepping into Senior School – Year 10
Careers Day – Year 12
HS Swimming Carnival – Years 7-12
Blazer Fitting – Year 7

Week 3
Meet the Teacher Night – Years 8, 9, 11
VET Information Night – Year 11

Week 4
Year 7 Camp

Week 6
CSSA High School Zone Swimming Carnival

Week 8
High School Athletics Carnival
Family Photo A-K

Week 9
Year 9 Camp
Year 7 Vaccinations

Week 11
KYCK Conference
High School Easter Assembly

Term 2
Week 2
Year 11 Camp

Week 3 and 4
NAPLAN On-line week

Week 5
High School Photo day

Week 6
Year 10 NESA Minimum Standards Test

There are various sporting and subject specific excursions that are not listed.

Yours in His service,

Anthony Hudson
High School Deputy

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