From Mr Hudson

Last week was Bus Awareness Week and, as most of our students travel to and from school by bus, it is important that students feel safe and enjoy their journey to school. Transport for NSW has developed a document, “Codes of Conduct when Travelling”. These guidelines outline procedures for bus drivers, operators, school Principals and parents/carers. As well as this the school has set down its own guidelines regarding disciplinary action. Students who do not act in an appropriate manner on the bus may find themselves seeking alternative ways to school. Students must abide by the conditions of travel given to them with their Opal Pass.

Students who misbehave or contravene the conditions may have their right to be conveyed suspended or cancelled. Our senior students are expected to help other students meet expectations. Senior students’ role is to help with safety, respect and co-operation between students, bus drivers and the public.

In the student planner it outlines what behaviour students are expected to enact whilst travelling on the bus.

SAFETYAll students are expected to behave safely on or near the buses. Any activity that might cause any harm to anyone on or near the bus is a safety issue.

RESPECT – We are all expected to treat others the way we would expect to be treated if in their place. Any activity that treats other passengers, other road users, the driver or the bus company badly, or damages their property, is a respect issue. This includes following ICT guidelines re not taking photos of other students or using speakers to play music.

CO-OPERATIONWe have to work together to make the buses operate successfully. Any person who puts them self first, and does not care for others, is not co-operating.

NOBODY is expected to stay in an unsafe place to deal with a bus problem. If things become unsafe for you, back off, get help and report it to your Deputy Principal.

Primary students should always be seated. When loaded on buses in the afternoon, Primary students will be placed in the front half of the bus. All students must ensure they are ready to board the appropriate bus when it is being loaded – the bus will not stop again once it has started moving, to maintain safety in the bus bay.

The school values its good name in the community and will apply appropriate consequences to students misbehaving on the buses. NSW Transport may withdraw school passes and/or prosecute if rules are disobeyed.

Students are to tap on and off the bus / train every time with their Opal card.  If you need to apply or organise a replacement Opal card visit

For students travelling on school run paid services, the student needs to display their school coloured bus pass.

Finally, below are two animations that give practical safety advice that you can discuss with your child about not crossing in front of the bus or missing a bus.

In His service,
Anthony Hudson