From Mr Roby

Recently our female students heard a presentation from Bright Girl Health. Bright Girl Health school presentations aim to take the confusion out of periods and hormones. These research-based seminars help girls to better understand menstruation and hormone health, elevate self-confidence, and give students practical lifestyle strategies to make informed health choices when managing their menstrual health. Bright Girl Health presentations also address some of the top concerns of female teens as reported by the Mission Australia youth survey, such as body image and managing stress. The Bright Girl Health mission is to empower girls to understand and be friends with their bodies.

As an educator of young people, I am passionate about any opportunity for our boys to learn to become young men and for our girls to embrace the opportunity to become young women. My observation of societal pressures for our students is that with conflicting messages being communicated to our young people about sexuality, gender, masculinity and femininity, freedom of expression and freedom of religion that it can be very confusing for teenagers to know what to think. Opportunities for young people to ask questions in a safe and supportive framework, in a seminar, with a trusted adult or with mum or dad, are invaluable opportunities for them to gain clarity on what can otherwise be very confusing.

As we approach a longer term break with an extended opportunity to speak with your family, can I encourage you to check-in with the young people under your care to learn from them about the ideas that they’re wrestling with and allow it to be okay to “think out loud” with you about how to resolve the conflicts.

Scott Roby
Dean of Students 10 – 12