From Mr Hudson

In my last newsletter I spoke about communication options the school uses to engage parents in their children’s education. In the Melbourne Declaration of National Goals for all young Australians, the State and Commonwealth Education ministers agreed that engaging parents and the community in the education of all young Australians is necessary (MCEETYA, 2008). The document reiterates that parents and families are the first and most important influence in a child’s life. The Council of Australian Governments (COAG)

Parents have the greatest influence on the achievement of pupils through supporting their learning in the home. Parent expectations were the most important influence on their children’s achievement (Hong and Ho, 2000).

To encourage parental involvement in learning, at the start of each year the school holds ‘Meet the Teacher evenings’ to allow parents to have conversations with teachers about their child’s education. 

Edumate also provides information regarding student goals, assessment task notifications, awards or disciplines that the student might have received, the view of the progressive assessment task result and semester-based reports.  This information on Edumate is important to view regularly during the year as it informs you how your child is progressing and if there are any concerns or issues that may arise in the future.  This assessment information allows you to engage with your child and their teachers.  For help on how to view Assessment Tasks & Reports click here.

Parents don’t have to wait for the end of semester reports to gauge how students are progressing, as this is often too late to start the discussion. The school uses progressive reporting to support:

Students  by providing high-quality feedback that directs their learning forward;
Parents/Carers – by providing timely information about each child’s progress, creating more opportunities to be involved in their learning;
Teachers – by directing their efforts to where they can do the most good for students.

The Edumate or WCCS App Newsfeed informs parents/students that the results have been released. Parents/students log into Edumate and select Progress/Past Tasks. The task now indicates that the results are available. Note that progressive reports can only be viewed when logged into Edumate on a computer. They are not yet visible in the school app – but we’re working on it.

To watch a video on how progressive reports work click here.

The school wants to ensure that our community has a growth mindset.  Students have been working on setting personal goals, and ensuring that their goals and habits will direct and assist them with their wellbeing and personal growth. You can find details on this in the student planner (pg 25) and on Edumate.

Finally, our first Parent Seminar is coming up on the 15th March so please save the date. Elevate is a company that empowers parents to reinforce study skills at home. Students will also learn these skills at school throughout the year. The evening will provide key research, skills, and answers questions so parents can help their children navigate their final years of school. I look forward to seeing you then.

Anthony Hudson
High School Deputy Principal

 “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.” Proverbs 16:3