From the High School Deputies

Parent Teacher Evenings
The High School Parent/Teacher evenings are a very important time to re-establish the working relationship between yourself and the classroom teachers. The Parent/Teacher evening for Years 11 and 12 was held on Thursday 22nd June and the Parent Teacher evening for Years 7 to 10 will be held later in term 3. Bookings for these nights are made using the school website. Simply click on the Parent Teacher online icon and log in using the user name and password that has been sent to you. (Note: not your Edumate password)

Your attendance at these nights is very important as it demonstrates to your child that you are interested in their progress and that you value their education and the work that the school is doing. To get the most out of parent-teacher interviews, it helps to be well prepared. Read your child’s school report carefully and note down anything you want to ask so you remember what you want to talk about. The interview time tends to pass quickly. The discussion should provide information to assist your child at home.

Year 11 Subject Selection 2018
At the start of term 3, year 10 students have the opportunity to select courses for the following year. Students should be discussing possible choices with teachers, careers department, family, friends and other students as William Carey offers many courses for senior school. It is important students make informed choices about their future study options and career.

To assist students in this process the school has many planned events.

To watch a short video of the Yr11 Subject Selection process visit:  or search on Youtube ‘WCCS subject selection’

Year 10 Parents please keep 31st July, 2017  starting at 6.15pm Year 11 Subject Selection Night ––A “must not miss” event to learn about subjects, what’s best for your child, an opportunity to discuss your child’s future and help partner with them in these important choices.

Year 12 Trial Examinations
Year 12 trial HSC examinations will be conducted from the 7th-18th August. Parents need to be supporting their young adults to make wise choices at this time. Managing rest, as well as completing school based activities, such as assessment tasks, summaries and study can be a very delicate balance.  Obviously, the next break in September will not provide any significant time for rest, due to its proximity to the actual HSC. In saying that, however, it is important to note that preparation achieved at this time will prove invaluable in supporting good results and ATARs. While it is never too late to improve a result, the earlier we start, the greater our opportunity for success. Parents, I remind you that your child may be experiencing an increased level of anxiety during these holidays and as the next term draws near. For some, the overwhelming nature of the HSC looms significantly, for others, the fear of leaving school and the changes that this brings to all the routine and security established during the last thirteen years, while others may be overwhelmed by the sheer workload of tasks to be completed in a short time period may prove very stressful. Please be assured that the thoughts and prayers of the school community will be focused on both you and your child at this time.


In His service,
Anthony Hudson.
Deputy Principal Welfare.
(On behalf of the High School Deputies)