From Mr Nightingale

Progressive Reporting in High School – coming soon!

Previously I have written about the proposed changes to assessment in High School. This week I’d like to discuss how those changes are expected to affect reporting from 2020. I’d especially like to inform you about the progressive reports that will be issued throughout the year, in addition to the traditional Half Yearly and Yearly Report Cards.

When introducing a change like this, the challenge for school leaders is to ensure that things actually improve for everyone involved. No one wants change for its own sake or, even worse, changes that send us backwards! So, any changes to assessment and reporting at WCCS must genuinely make things better for:

* Students – by giving them opportunities to demonstrate their best achievement, and high-quality feedback that directs their learning forward;
* Parents/Carers – by providing timely information about their child’s progress, and by creating opportunities to be involved in their learning;
* Teachers – by directing their efforts to where they can do the most good for students, and by streamlining administrative work as much as possible.

A recent Australian survey* of over 1000 parents revealed a wide gap between the feedback received from traditional report cards and the feedback parents want. On average, 51.6% wanted feedback more often than once per term, while 71.9% wanted feedback more than once per semester. The parents complained that they just weren’t getting the right information at the right time to support their children!

To address this at William Carey, we will be introducing progressive reports from 2020. That is, parents/carers will be able to use Edumate to see the results of each Assessment Task immediately after the work is returned to students. They will no longer need to wait until the Half Yearly or Yearly Report to see those results.

The precise details are still being finalised about the appearance of progressive reports, the information to be included, and how the parents/carers will be notified whenever a result is made available. But, by informing parents about students’ work at the appropriate time, we are confident that progressive reports will create opportunities for timely conversations about learning between parents and students, teachers and parents, and teachers and students.  

And that can only be good for everyone.

Michael Nightingale,
Director of Teaching and Learning

*D Hill, Student Feedback & Reporting