From Mr Nightingale

Half Yearly Reports and issues with some Progressive Reports

This year, WCCS transitioned to releasing Progressive Reports in order to keep you better informed of your child’s progress at school. 

Results for the assessment tasks in every subject are released via Edumate in conjunction with individual feedback for each student. The purpose is to provide timely, effective feedback to students at a time when it can do the most good. Progressive Reports also increase transparency between school and home, giving parents more opportunities to be involved in their child’s education.

Half Yearly Reports and Yearly Reports have also been adapted into a new format this year. There is a new Learner Profile, and detailed information about the content of each course. Unfortunately, due to the disruptions caused by Covid-19, our current Half Yearly Reports do not include a Pastoral Care Report with a written teacher comment. However, Pastoral Care Reports will be included in the Yearly Reports for Term 4.

Recently, as the Half Yearly Reports began to be released, we became aware of an issue with Edumate’s programming. This issue caused a small number of Progressive Reports to be released with incorrect grades and graphs. All student marks (0-100) were issued correctly, but some grades (A-E) were generated incorrectly and the accompanying Grade Distribution Graphs were also incorrect.

The school notified Edumate of this issue as soon as we were aware of it, and the error has now been corrected. All Progressive Reports for Term 1 and Term 2 have since been re-released with the correct information.

I encourage you to log in to Edumate and read through your children’s Progressive Reports. If you have not yet done so, Mr Hudson has created an excellent instructional video to demonstrate how to go about this:

1. Log into Edumate. Note that the Progressive Reports can only be viewed on a computer, they are not yet visible in the WCCS app. However, the app can be set to notify you whenever a new report is released.
2. Select Progress/Past Tasks. Completed tasks will indicate that the results are available.
3. Select the task in order to view the Progressive Report.

If you have any issues accessing your child’s reports via Edumate, please contact our support team

Michael Nightingale
Director of Teaching & Learning