High School Dates for Your Diary

Welcome back to William Carey for 2018 and a warm welcome to all the new students and families.

All school events are published on the Edumate Carer portal. Please log on for more details on each event. Some of the upcoming events in the next few weeks include:

Week 2                                                                                                     Week 3
Meet the Teacher Night – Years 7, 10, 12                                           Meet the Teacher Night – Years 8, 9, 11
Stepping into Senior School – Year 10                                                VET Information Night – Year 11
Careers Day – Year 12
HS Swimming Carnival – Years 7-12
Blazer Fitting – Year 7

Week 4                                                                                                     Week 5
Year 11 Camp – Year 11                                                                           Zone Swimming Carnival
eSafety Launch – Parent Seminar -Years P -12                                  HICES Debating – Round 1
Music Excursion – Years 11 and 12

Week 6                                                                                                     Week 7
ESU Camp                                                                                                 Science Camp – Year 7
Sth Met Zone Touch GD & CSSA Trials                                              HICES Debating – Round 2

Week 8                                                                                                     Week 9
Year 9 Camp – Year 9                                                                             CSSA State Swimming
Vaccinations – Year 7                                                                               Public Holiday – Good Friday

Week 10                                                                                              Week 11
Public Holiday – Easter Monday                                                           Half Yearly Examinations – Year 12
Half Yearly Examinations – Year 12                                                     HICES Debating – Round 3

Note: Meet the Teacher Nights
These nights will occur in either Week 2 or 3 of this term, depending on your child’s year group. Please plan to attend this night and meet with your child’s subject teachers face to face. Planning for a successful year for your son or daughter can begin at this point. Remember to book your appointments using your Parent Teacher Online (PTO) login as soon as possible, if you have not already done so.  Year 7 parents (only) can also meet their child’s Pastoral Care teacher in a small group session on the night.