HSC Results 2020

Congratulations to the WCCS Class of 2020, who achieved outstanding HSC results! Our students received 59 Band 6 results across 24 different courses.

Additionally, four of our students were recognised for their achievements by receiving nominations for the showcase events for subjects in which they completed major works. Congratulations to:

Anna Gauld – Texstyle (Textiles and Design)
Bianca Lee – Callback (Dance)
Trinity Nastasio – OnStage (Drama)
Samuel Smith – Shape (Industrial Technology)

Although we cannot possibly list the personal best results and growth areas of all of our Year 12 students, we would like to highlight the achievements of the following students who received ATARs over 90 in the 2020 HSC:

Harrison Baker 97.65
Alisha George 93.40
Justin Huynh 97.75
Siobhan McMullen 93.20
Georgia McNamara 98.25 (Dux)
Lachlan McNamara 92.10
Rachel Nawar*
Benjamin Nguyen 92.55
Buhlebenkosi Emily Nkomo 94.90
Angelo Torres*

*Exact ATAR to be confirmed

Congratulations to these students for their fantastic results!

We wish every student from the Class of 2020 well, and will continue to pray for you as you embark on exciting new journeys in 2021.

Band 6 results were achieved in the following courses:

Ancient History
Business Studies
Engineering Studies
English Extension 1
English Extension 2
Food Technology
History Extension
Industrial Technology
Investigating Science
Legal Studies
Mathematics Advanced
Mathematics Extension 1
Mathematics Extension 2
Mathematics Standard 2
Modern History
Music 1
Textiles and Design
Visual Arts