Inquisitive Minds Day 2019

In Week 6, William Carey hosted a ‘Problems, Patterns, Pictures, Puzzles’ maths workshop run by Inquisitive Minds, an organisation which provides hands on challenges and competitions for students.

There was little sitting down over the course of the day as the students moved around challenge stations and worked in teams competing in a number of fun, challenging and hands-on problems. The students were also taught a number of problem-solving strategies throughout the day, including logical reasoning’ and ‘make a pattern’.

The students thoroughly enjoyed themselves, proving that Maths can be collaborative, interactive and fun! William Carey competed against four other schools on the day; Shellharbour Anglican, Broughton Anglican College and Frensham school. Although we were not the victors at the end of the day, students had a great time and were exemplary hosts.

Click here or more information about Inquisitive Minds. You can learn more about other Advanced Learning opportunities in the High School here.