Over several years, the school community has contributed both time and finances to the Maphutseng Project. Incredibly, we now all have the opportunity to hear firsthand about how God has blessed these gifts of time and money. August Basson (founder of the Growing Nations team) and Joshua Ramatlali (our worker on the ground in Lesotho) will be visiting WCCS over the next two weeks and are keen to share all of the latest news with us.

Although we have been fortunate enough to have ambassadors from our school community travel to Lesotho in the past, this is the first time that the roles have been reversed and we are able to host our friends here. As such, this is a very exciting opportunity for us to hear firsthand about the ways in which God is working through his people in Africa.

There will be several different events held throughout the time that Joshua and August are with us here at WCCS. Through five different seminar sessions, all of our students from Kindergarten through to Year Twelve will have the opportunity to hear Joshua and August speak about their own lives and experiences as well as the experiences of the Besotho people. Students will hear about things such as what school is like at Bethesda, the changes that have occurred there, how life works in Lesotho and why our continued support is so important.

All members of the school community are invited to attend a combined parent and staff meeting on Monday the 27th of February from 3:30-5:00pm in the school hall. Parents and carers, this is your opportunity to hear from Joshua and August about the results of all of our fundraising efforts and prayerful support of the people on the other end of the Maphutseng Project. During the meeting, the Library will be open for children, alternatively, they are welcome to attend the meeting with you.

Please make the time to attend, listen, ask questions and pray for this ongoing project. Thank you once again for your support of, and commitment to, our friends in Maphutseng!