KYCK 2018

On the middle weekend of the last school holidays, 12 High School students attended the KYCK conference, along with Mr Wright, Mrs Ross and Elizabeth Ross. KYCK is a Christian conference that aims to preach the gospel and to encourage Christian high school students to live out their faith. The conference is repeated over three weekends, each with over 2,000 people in attendance. The weekend was filled with great Bible teaching, enjoying meals together and a bush walk.

Here is what some of the students learned on the weekend:

“As my first year of KYCK it was quite overwhelming to see so many people there, but it was really exciting and cool to see so many people come together as one and worship the one true God. The talks were really good and drew me in, just making me want to know more and read more about 1 Peter. There was one talk that just really stood out – it was about submission and what it means to submit ourselves not just to God but to others and this is something that I don’t often hear people talk about. Also, the music was really good!”


“The analogies used in the talk were really eye-opening;

  • ​We are not chameleons – constantly changing because of our surroundings
  • ​Our sin is something we need to immediately rid ourselves of – it is not dirt under the fingernail but rather dirt in the eye.

I was really challenged by the idea of humility – it isn’t simply the absence of arrogance but also the absence of jealousy and self pity. Constantly being in want of something you do not have is still self-centered – all you’re thinking is ‘I wish’, ‘I’m not’ and ‘I don’t have’.

Also, I was challenged by the idea of submission; specifically by the idea that by choosing to disobey authority I am saying that ‘God isn’t worth it’. We are given the choice as Christians to submit or not submit and although it may be hard to choose to submit we endure because we know that God IS worth it.”

“I really enjoyed KYCK. The conference was a great opportunity to spend time around thousands of other Christians, praising God together. The talks were really challenging and encouraging. I left feeling a greater sense of belonging to God’s kingdom. This world isn’t my home, and my future is secure in heaven so there is no need to act like I belong here. I also have a better understanding of humility and submission to others. It was also such a joy to see hundreds of people commit to Jesus. I definitely recommend KYCK for anyone; whether you are struggling to understand Christianity or already have a relationship with Christ.”


“KYCK was an amazing weekend away, spending time in fellowship with other young Christians and being challenged and encouraged by God’s Word from 1 Peter.

The main message of the weekend was about how we are exiles in the world, but chosen for heaven​ (our true home). We were challenged to remember where our true home is and not to get too comfortable in this world, as we don’t belong here. We were challenged to be holy and choose an alternative to the world’s way of life.

We were also greatly encouraged in how to endure our sufferings and ‘exile’ in this world, and reminded that we are closest to Christ when we suffer for him, as he suffered for us.

We were encouraged and challenged to look at, and change our perspective on things and reminded that there is hope and heaven to look forward too.

One of the lines that really stood out to me from this weekend was a quote from C.S.Lewis, which reads, ‘I believe in Christianity as I believe the sun has risen. Not only because I see it, but because through it I see everything else​.’  This really encouraged me to see the world from a different perspective and reminded to always look to Christ for hope in all circumstances.”

WCCS will be attending KYCK again in 2019. Stay tuned at the beginning of 2019 for details.