KYCK Recap

On the weekend of 28th-30th of April, 12 students from Years 9-12 attended the KYCK conference at Katoomba. KYCK is a Christian conference for high school students and is run over three weekends in April each year. The students heard Bible talks from the book of Daniel and were able to fellowship with around 2,000 other Christians. The students learned about what it means to stand for Jesus in their everyday lives.

Here is what some of them learned on the weekend:

“KYCK was a really awesome and beneficial camp not only for my learning and relationship with God, but I’m sure for many others who attended the camp as well. It was an amazing experience and I hope that I am able to go next year. The main thing I learned throughout the camp was to just make sure Jesus is #1. The talks that were presented on the camp really put in perspective how important Jesus is and how he is the almighty and no matter what happens in life, if your trust is in the Lord Jesus , it will all be worth it in the end. I also absolutely loved the band Gather ​who sang all the songs at camp. The atmosphere that was created whilst singing and praising God’s name was an amazing thing to be a part of. Overall, I really enjoyed the camp and if anyone is thinking about going, definitely​ make the decision to go! It was a really fun weekend hanging out and chilling with friends and ultimately learning more about our saviour Jesus Christ.”

“KYCK was an amazing weekend and one that was very challenging and inspiring too. We were challenged in how we are and should be ‘Standing for the King’ in our everyday lives. The speakers were all amazing and gave us some great things to think about, be challenged and encouraged by too. The weekend focused on the book of Daniel and we learned how Daniel resolved to ‘Stand for the True King’, despite pressure and distractions. It was really encouraging to hear how Daniel struggled with similar things to us such as craving approval from the outside world, the dangers and consequences for standing for what you believe and trusting that God has it all under control. We were really encouraged to stand firm in Christ until the day of his return, because the reward will be greater than we can ever imagine and it is foolish to waste your life trying to gain the approval of people (who vomit through their nose), when the only approval we need is from God.

Going to KYCK was an amazing experience and one that really challenged and encouraged me personally in my faith and I strongly recommend people to come along and check it out next year!!”

“One of the main things that has stuck in my head from the weekend is that we need to live for the acceptance of God and not of people.”

“KYCK was such a valuable weekend, praising God with 2000 other youth, and looking at ways which Daniel and his friends stood for the true king. It was a great encouragement for me to remember that the God who loves me is in control, and to be wise in standing against the pressures of this world. It made me realise how foolish it is to seek acceptance from the world, when GOD stood for ME on the cross. My future is secure because Jesus kept his promise and destroyed sin, giving us the endurance to push forward and share the good news!”

“God will always be there for you no matter what, he will accept you for who you are and for one to learn and be with good one needs to be wise.

“I learned that we don’t trust in God so that he takes away our troubles and pain but by trusting in him and we choose his path, he makes the pain bearable, so that we can find worth during times of troubles and make it to the end of the road by living in faith.”