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Parents, did you know that WCCS Library has its own blog / Google Site?
We regularly keep you updated with events happening in the Library on the blog’s home page.

If you are wondering what books might be suitable for children at different ages and stages, we have a page called “All Things Books”. Every week, you will find new book recommendations for K-2, 3-4, 5-6 and High School.

We have other pages that will inform you about Literacy Pro (a Reading program used in Primary), The Premier’s Reading Challenge (which all students in K-6 participate in) as well as links to great information and reference sites for research tasks.

Why not take a look?

You can access the Library Blog through the WCCS Portal, or directly by visiting

Book recommendation

If you’ve been wondering what to read recently or wondering what resources are available for you as a parent/carer to borrow, this section of the newsletter will recommend and review books that as a library staff, we think you would love!

If I were God I’d end all the pain
By John Dickson

This book deals with potentially the biggest question of life; If God is good why doesn’t he end all the pain? Using his own experiences, as well as the general weight of suffering in the world, Dickson unpacks how the Bible provides the most helpful and least incoherent explanation for suffering in this world. This book is helpful not just for understanding suffering in light of faith, but also to strengthen your knowledge of God to be able to walk through pain with others in a biblical way.

If you’re interested in borrowing this book, email