News from the Library

We are very excited that Book Week is coming in Term 4! Some important information regarding the event is below.

Book Fair: arrives Wednesday the 14th of October and leaves the school on Wednesday the 21st of October. Purchasing will be available for students from lunchtime on the 14th until 9:00 am on the 21st. This year, purchasing for parents will be online. A video explaining this process is available here.

Book Week: this will run NEXT WEEK, Week 2 of Term 4. Students will have the opportunity to engage in fun book-related activities within their classroom during the week. We will hold a (socially distanced) book parade on Friday the 23rd of October, where students are encouraged to come dressed as a book character. Alternatively, students can dress for the theme of Book Week: Curious Creatures, Wild Minds. Photos and video will be made available after the event, as we are not able to have parents onsite.

Please read Mr Burgess’ Newsletter Article for more details on Book Week events and activities!