Library News

After visiting our school, the business who supplied our new senior furniture has also donated $10,000 worth of more furniture. Students were super excited to come in and try the new spaces for themselves. Thank you to BFX Furniture for your generous support of our school.

Book Review

If you’ve been wondering what to read recently or what resources are available for you as a parent/carer to borrow, this section of the newsletter will recommend and review books that we think you would love!

What’s life all about?
by Scott Petty

Sometimes it can feel like there is a boring predictability to life. The days go on, the washing is done then soon needs washing again. What is the point? Scott Petty unpacks some of the big questions about life with biblical insight to help us understand why we’re here. This short book is straight to the point and easy to pick up and read in an afternoon.

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